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Domestic Violence Attorney: Know Your Rights

Domestic Violence Law is a growing concern for many people in the United States today. Domestic Violence can be defined as an act or instance of psychological, sexual, financial, or other forms of abuse that occurs between a single individual and one or more persons who are related to, or living in a household with that individual. Under the Seattle law, individuals are legally protected against all types of domestic violence, which includes: physical or sexual abuse and/or threats of abuse and/or death to any person. If you think you have experienced domestic violence in the home from a boyfriend, girlfriend, ex-husband, partner, child’s parent or other relative… You may be entitled to file a legal claim for:

As a woman, or a man, who has been abused in the home, it can be very difficult to find the support you need. Often times, there are those closest to us that do not understand what we are going through. It is our right as a victim of domestic violence to seek the services of a clearwater domestic violence attorney who will be able to provide support and representation in the courtroom. If you are in fear of speaking in front of a judge or prosecutor, a clearwater domestic violence attorney may be able to provide you with the ability to speak out and get the help you need. No one deserves to be abused in any way, and when it occurs it is our responsibility as the victim to make sure that our voice is heard and our rights are protected.

A victim of domestic violence has many rights, including the right to obtain a temporary protection order (TPO). A restraining order is a legal tool that provides the courts the power to keep abusers away from the victim. In many instances, victims are reluctant to file a restraining order for fear of being abused again by the abuser. Many times, this is a waste of time and money as the abuser will simply violate the protection order. However, a restraining order can be effective in the event of repeated abuse. Many victims of domestic violence have found a restraining order to be an effective tool in getting the abuse to stop.

Another legal tool that can be used in domestic violence cases is a no contact order. Often times, victims will have the ability to have a no contact order issued to them by a judge during their court appearance. Unfortunately, a criminal can very easily obtain a no contact order, which means the victim cannot even leave their home to go find help. An experienced domestic violence attorney can prevent victims from having to endure this type of unnecessary stress and can prevent them from serving jail time unnecessarily because of a no contact order violation.

Unfortunately, many domestic abuse cases end up in divorce court. In family law cases, one party will present a motion to have the case dismissed stating that there was not enough evidence to support a divorce or claim of abuse. An experienced attorney may be able to use this motion in order to have the divorce case thrown out if the proof does not support the abuse claim.

Although family law cases are difficult, the legal process can be quite rewarding when handled by an experienced attorney. It is important for domestic violence victims to seek a legal expert as soon as possible following an episode of abuse in order to ensure that the best possible outcome is obtained for their specific situation. An experienced attorney will know all the necessary steps to take in order to obtain a fair outcome for their client. An experienced attorney will know when to bring forth strong defenses against a no contact order or a dismissal of the charges against the victim.